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Alan Charles Kors

Freedom Award Dinner 2009

Keynote Speach
Vienreizeja runa par Komunismu un Nacismu - A very powerful speech on Communism and Nazism.
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Dr. Uldis Ģērmanis par tekošo momentu 1988. g.

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Jo zini, kā esi caur gadsimtiem nākts, nevis vakardienai no ratu pakaļas izkritis.
Ojārs Vācietis (1980)
Communism's great victory was the creation of a people without a memory
Inscribed on a monument

Communism or Russian Imperialism?

The “communism” ideology has probably been around for a very long time. However, it was only taken seriously by some at the time of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. The basic idea was that a different social order could right all the wrongs in the real world. Great appeal to “intellectuals” and the exploited working classes. A world without corrupted rulers/elites?? -What a fairy tale!
So what happened in the “Russian Empire” or “Prison of Nations”? The so called “Russian Revolution” was actually a revolution by the non Russians. Lenin knew that his vehicle to power was support for the non Russian minorities. Lenin promised independence for the captive nations. The White Russians wished to preserve the Russian Empire. Lenin and the Bolsheviks won for this reason. Many captive nationalities separated from the Russian Empire after the first World War. The Soviet Union then signed eternal Peace Treaties etc. with the new independent states. These were all broken later.
The remaining Russian Empire, or the Soviet Union, as it called itself for a while, became much more “Russian” by the loss of the captive nations. Many non Russians had achieved positions of power in the military and bureaucracy. First Commander of the Red Army was the Latvian Jukums Vācietis.
Lenin dies and Stalin grabs power. Great Russian Chauvinism and Imperial ambitions were still very strong in Bolshevik Russia. Stalin used this, and Terror, as his power base. Russians resented non-russians in high positions. They also wanted to restore the Russian Empire to its former borders and even further. The Great Terror of 1937 was about extermination of any opposition to these goals. Most victims were non Russians in high positions, including Jukums Vācietis, who was rewarded with a bullet.
Russian conquest of Ukraine had to be made permanent by extermination of the Ukrainian national element, cultural element etc. Once a people has been destroyed, they are no longer capable of claiming their territory. That was Stalins goal. Ukrainians were starved to death. “Communism” became a cover for these genocidal actions. It was never about “kulaks”, “saboteurs”, “enemies of the people”. Moscows “communists” claimed their goal was “world communism”, peace and eternal justice for all peoples. They vehemently opposed imperialism and fascism elsewhere in the world, while signing the Soviet-Nazi non-aggression pact, including its secret protocol.
The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact provided Moscow Imperialists the opportunity to expand the Russian Empire. Attacks on Finland and Poland followed. The Baltic States were occupied. Formula was the same in all occupied territories: Decapitate the national “head” by murder, deportation or slave labour in far away, out of sight concentration camps. Then flood the occupied territories with ethnic Russians or ethnics from other occupied territories. This was Stalins “permanent solution” to the territorial conquests.
The vast majority of victims in the occupied territories were nationals, even when there existed a sizable Russian minority. 42,125 men, women and children were deported from Soviet occupied Latvia during 25-30 of March, 1949. Of the deported, 95.4% were Latvians, although 30% of the population was Russian at that time. The Gulag was filled with millions of non Russians.
Genocide continued until the Soviet Union collapsed by economic and social bankruptcy. Soviet propaganda was very effective, and millions of useful idiots (there is no other way to describe them) in the West and developing countries believed the propaganda, even when irrefutable evidence as to he truth was presented. Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, visited Norilsk in the Soviet Arctic, and stated this city should be an example to Canada. He is a prime example of a useful (to Communism) idiot.
It was never about “Communism”. It was about genocidal Russian Imperialism. Hitler wanted to create a German Empire and Stalin wanted a Russian Empire. The Truth is out there, and it is starting to see daylight. “Communism” served as a cover for Russian Imperialism.
In the meantime, Czar Putler’s continued aggression in the Baltic States, and now the Ukraine, proves that Moscow’s genocidal Imperialism is alive and well.

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